What is a Deeply Rooted Parent?

A Deeply Rooted Parent is one who has developed connection in three key ways…

To Your Child 

So, you know that feeling when you’re totally there with your child?  You are one hundred percent present.  You feel a sense of peace and you’re totally lost in that moment of just being together?  That is what I’m talking about!  And you can use these moments to help him feel safe and trust you. Wouldn’t it be amazing to share that feeling more often?  The exciting thing is that as you connect with your child, you start seeing the changes that you want.  As your child feels understood and related to, he is getting what he needs and doesn’t need to act out in the ways that he does.  Kids act out because they’re trying so hard to find their sense of significance and belonging in your eyes–that sense of feeling important to you.  When you can communicate that to your child and he can feel it, it feels good, it feels right, and you’re actually getting through to your child!

To Yourself

What if you could make your parenting choices based on what you really want for your child? If you’re like most of us parents, it’s really hard to get in touch with what you truly want for your child when you’re in the heat of the moment with your kid in a tantrum.  What if you could tap into that place of calm, strength, and resolve in that tense moment?  When you’re connected to yourself, you’re strong and you know what you’re feeling.  You know what you want and need for yourself and you know what you want for your kids, too.  You’re calm, centered, and unwavering.  Your thoughts become clearer, your actions more decisive, and your love for your children more wholehearted.

To Others

It’s funny how many parents can feel alone when so much of the world is traveling in the same boat.  There are countless people out there feeling just as frustrated and tired as you are.  What happens, though, is that when things get tough with your kids, you start thinking that it’s just you, that you’re the only one struggling so much.  But when you reach out and connect with others that have walked down that same road, you start gaining perspective and start feeling  supported and realizing that maybe you’re not that crazy (or a bad parent, or whatever you have been telling yourself) after all.  You find that you have what you need to give to your kids and confidence knowing that we’re all in this together.

Much like a majestic tree, as you deepen your connection in these three ways, your roots become deep and expansive.  You are stronger, taller, and able to take on the storms of life that come your way while providing protection, stability, and nurturing to your child.  Your deep roots serve to not only hold you firm and steadfast, but to also strengthen others around you.


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