What is The Deeply Rooted Parent?

It is a community of people that care about creating deep foundations for becoming stronger and more sensitive parents to their young children with special needs.  It is also a place to find support through parent coaching to grow in your understanding of and connection to your child.

What is parent coaching?

It is a collaborative process between you and me where I help you define your goals as a parent and then work with you to help you realize those goals.  I will do this by using a number of strategies, including reflective questions, leading you through experiential activities and mindfulness exercises, and also assigning self-reflection exercises to complete between sessions.  You will always set the tone for what we focus on and the sessions will always be tailored to your needs.  You will never be asked to share or do anything that you are not comfortable with.  It is also a partnership between us.  It is not considered therapy.

Who is The Deeply Rooted Parent designed for?

It was designed to support parents of children from the ages of birth through five years with special needs.

I have a child that is between the ages of birth to five years, but they do not have special needs. Can I still work with you?

Of course!  Though I have specialized my training and services to children with special needs, the same principles work for all children, regardless of need.  I would be more than happy to support you as well.

How long do I have to participate in coaching?

This varies depending on your needs and there are no rules or guidelines for this.  It is typically based on the mutual decision between you and me, however, if at any point you decide that you would like to discontinue, you can provide advance notice and then stop at any time.